Open House: From XXL to xxs

Materials. Perfectly. Tuned.

Feel free to join us for more than 30 years of material development in Seibersdorf!

RHP-Technology GmbH invites SBI GmbH to jointly show our expertise in Additive Manufacturing, Plasma Welding and Customizing Material Properties.

You also do not want to miss our guests from Denmark: SVEJSEHUSET a/s to present COBOT applications, as well as our partner INOCON Technologie GmbH from Upper Austria, the expert on high-tech plasma coatings and plant engineering.

Open House October 22

20 October 2022 – Smart Materials
21 October 2022 – Additive Manufacturing

Forschungszentrum A-2444 Seibersdorf

On both days the house is open for all topics and discussions!

20.10. Smart Materials

On 20 October we will put our focus und customized material compositions and exotic "smart" materials. This will include ultrapure nanopowders, high entropy alloys, metallic glasses, high performance ceramics and many more.

Presentations for THURSDAY:

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EVENING EVENT from 5p.m.:

Weinwerkstatt Züger
Schulgasse 9, 2443 Leithaprodersdorf

21.10. Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, AM coatings, customized AM wires ... these are our topics for 21 October. Additive Manufacturing in Seibersdorf means from micro-parts of some MILLIMETERS to mega-parts of several METERS.

Presentations for FRIDAY: