Einwerben von Fördermitteln

Targeted acquisition of funding to minimize the risk of innovative research and development tasks


International team with an interdisciplinary training background and up-to-date knowledge about national and international research programs

Extensive, field-tested experience in the development of R&D consortia and handling of research funding projects (> € 100,000 to € 10 million)

IT and communication infrastructure for working in virtual, geographically distributed, and cross-organizational teams

Broad network of research and corporate partners for the formation of research consortia in subject areas such as material and process development for high performance applications, additive manufacturing, and powder technology developments


Analyzing technology trends and market developments in customer-relevant innovation fields and deriving research needs

Creation of customer-specific concepts to minimize the financial risk for extensive research projects by using public research funds

Screening and selection of thematically suitable research funding programs at regional, national, and international level

Developing project consortia and writing promising research funding applications to raise funds

Organizing research projects and ensuring all processes for handling publicly funded R&D projects



Projekt Filament3Dp

Filament Metal Printing. 3D-Druck über gesinterte, metallgefüllte Filmente.

Projekt Rob4M

Der Bereich der additiven Fertigung ist ein „hype“ Thema, wo derzeit sehr viele Initiativen …