Generative Fertigung

Production of generatively manufactured, large components based on plasma arc welding with multi-material and gradient structures


International team with an interdisciplinary training background and industry-specific material knowledge in the aerospace industry

Extensive knowledge of materials and processes in the field of additive processing of high-performance materials:

  • titanium / titanium alloys
  • aluminum / aluminum alloys
  • iron and nickel-based materials
  • metal ceramics
  • composites

Extensive experience with feeding systems for powder and wire materials

Specially for 3D printers configured for the production of large-format components (> 1m) by means of build-up welding (plasma arc welding)

3D scanner for the measurement of large components and complex geometries, test and inspection equipment for the characterization and quality inspection of additively manufactured components (energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), scanning electron microscope (REM))

International partnerships and network in 3D printing


Design of generative manufacturing processes to implement application-specific material combinations

Design and production of large generatively manufactured components (> 1m) from high-performance materials

Generation of multi-material compounds and gradient structures for technically demanding functional components

Introduction of reinforcement fibres and selected material systems in additive construction processes to create special material properties

Creation of feasibility studies and, based on those, decision-making aids for the realization of additively manufactured high-performance components

Cost-effective implementation of functional samples

Execution of downstream finishing processes (heat, surface treatment, ...)


Research projects…

  • Titanium components for aviation
  • Wear coatings
  • Expansion-adapted shapes for the manufacture of CFRP components
  • Bionic lightweight designs