Surface Functionalization

Patterns and structures in nanometric scale

For structuring surfaces by chemical means or with particles, our team has access to many different technologies. A selection: dip-coating or drop-casting with slurries, spray coating and ultrasonic spray coating, plasma spraying, chemical and electrochemical applications, etc.

A selection of techniques, how to apply Nanoparticles to a surface.

Applications of smart coatings ...

... we are working with, can be found in many branches like Automobile, Aerospace, and Defence Applications & Marine and Medical Sectors.

SMART materials

Smart materials adapt their properties autonomously and within a short period of time to external …

Synthese hochreiner Nanopulver

Reinste Nanopartikel aus verschiedenen Materialien, dispergiert in frei wählbaren Flüssigkeiten.

Bionic colors

Nano - Colors show characteristic absorption in the visible as well as in the IR- and UV-light …