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RHP Technology

Perfectly tuned materials through 30 years of powder technology, hot pressing, plasma metal deposition. With RHP-Technology GmbH you draw on this enormous pool of experience; 3D printing, spark-plasma-sintering, powder injection molding included!

RHP Attophotonics

Unique in Nano, Sensors and Surface Technology. Our Attophotonics Biosciences GmbH team works with Smart Surfaces across all application areas from biofunctional, aesthetic, converting, tribological, sensory, up to as far as really intelligent ones – simply perfectly tuned!

RHP Space

Of currently 3000 active satellites in Earth orbit, about 1000 are equipped with technologies from AT Space GmbH! We develop components and assemblies for proven use in space. Perfectly tuned materials and coatings are the basis for this future!

Severe Plastic Deformation - ECAP

Severe Plastic Deformation - ECAP

Equal Channel Angular Pressing ECAP of biomaterials (pure-Mg, Mg alloys, pure-Ti, Ti alloys) and non-biomaterials (electro-Cu, Cu alloys, Al alloys) for medical and non-medical applications.

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Bionic inspired colors

Bionic inspired colors

In “nano-thin” layers RHP Attophotonics creates a wide range of colors without the need for chemical pigments.
Bionic inspired colors can be used for colored bar-codes and anti-counterfeiting tags.