Powder Technology Services

Experience and know-how for more than 25 years.

RHP team has started in 1994 with a hot press in the Austrian Research Center - today AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology).

Every day we offer material development, sintering services, hot pressing services, or injection moulding for our customers. Our portfolio reaching from ceramics to metals, compounds and composites is completemented by new technologies like Spark Plasma Sintering or Additive Manufacturing of micro parts of several millimeters as well as 3D printed structures of several meters.

The easiest way is to contact us by phone or email and discuss your idea for product improvement or completely new processing lines.

We are looking forward to coming up with new and smart ideas using our material and processing knowledge.

Spark Plasma Sintering (FAST/SPS)

Fast processing and improved material properties lead to cost efficiency and high productivity.

Hot Pressing & FAST/SPS

For your processing we operate a variety of hot pressing technologies.

Sputter Targets

Our state-of-the-art sputtertargets. Please ask for customized solutions.

Material Development

New materials are the beating heart of RHP. We love to play with ideas and smart solutions.

Powder Injection Moulding

complex shaped Metal and Ceramic parts in small and large series.


RHP material analysis LAB

DiaCool Heat Sinks

For applications such as advanced heat sinks, heat spreaders, heat slugs, or base plates, to …

Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing