Functional Materials

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The whole RHP group is based on "materials. perfecty. tuned." where expertise from many fields and branches is focused onto this specific topic.

Material Hacking

The fastest way to performance!

Thermal Composites

Advanced thermal management solutions.

Conductive Ceramics

Tailored properties for ceramics to enhance process performance.

High Entropy Alloys

These are materials consisting of several elements with (almost) the same alloy content.

Metallic Glasses

Metallic glasses show the typical metallic light reflection. Untrained eyes can't distinguish them …

DiaCool Heat Sinks

For applications such as advanced heat sinks, heat spreaders, heat slugs, or base plates, to …

Neutron Absorbers

The material can be modified to become electrically conductive.

Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

UHTCs Materials for specific high temperature application are typically selected based on the …

Ultrapure Nano Powders

Purest nanoparticles from various materials and disperse them in freely selectable liquids during …

Bionic colors

Nano - Colors show characteristic absorption in the visible as well as in the IR- and UV-light …

SMART materials

Smart materials adapt their properties autonomously and within a short period of time to external …

Surface Functionalization

dip-coating or drop-casting with slurries, spray coating and ultrasonic spray coating as well as …

Nano scale High Performance Metals

ECAP forming increases strength due to strong grain refinement in the material structure.