Product Optimization

Collection and verification of economic and functional optimization potential of conventionally manufactured products using suitable 3D printing technologies


International team with an interdisciplinary training background and up-to-date knowledge about 3D printing technologies and their possible applications

Field-proven and scientifically sound material knowledge with regard to their generative manufacturing potential for

  • metals
  • ceramics
  • plastics
  • biodegradable materials

Extensive experience with feeding systems for powder, wire and filament materials

3D printers specially configured for the production of large-format components (> 1m) by means of build-up welding (plasma arc welding)

Fast access to different types of 3D printing systems and to a large, international network of experts in the field of additive manufacturing technologies for evaluating customer-specific tasks


Analysis of conventionally manufactured parts, components, and products with regard to economic and functional potential benefits through the use of additive manufacturing technologies

Designing new component concepts using identified potential benefits of additive manufacturing technologies (material minimization, functionally optimized geometries, multi-material mix for realizing different properties in one component, creating gradient structures, reducing the complexity of assemblies through functional and component integration)

Conducting technology comparison studies to select the appropriate additive manufacturing processes for selected component concepts and target lot sizes

Development of tailor-made filaments and powders for selected component concepts and additive manufacturing technologies

Fast implementation of functional patterns for the verification of component concepts

Analyzing and evaluating post-treatment processes to implement required component properties

Development of strategies and implementation roadmaps for the use of additive manufacturing technologies based on the benefit potential and technology analyzes as well as evaluated component concepts


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