3D printed jewelry

Additive manufacturing is an amazing technology to bring your designs and ideas to reality. In our facilities we can use polymers, metals and ceramic to make this happen.

From as small parts as some millimeters, designs as large as a fingernail, up to parts reaching meter-sizes. RHP operates several technologies that can fulfill the innovative needs for these specific requests, that will be "normal" in future - but today can already be realised.

Additive Technologies

Additive manufacturing at RHP is 3D printing with plasma metal deposition or FFF FDM technology, …

Portal Printing Systems - M3DP

For material development we have set up several portal based systems with and without protective …

Applications Showroom

Ti64 Bauteil - Spiegel/Sensor Halterung ATHENA Projekt

Granules printing

This technology is extruding feedstock pellets as a feeding material to print green parts.

Filament printing

for Metals, Hardmetals and Ceramics

Debind & Sinter

This is the first step after 3D printing the contour or desired part to remove the polymer or wax …