Sintering Services

We offer Hot Pressing and Sintering as a service to you.

In our facility we operate hot pressing machines with conventional heating, direct heating, or spark plasma sintering, as well as inductive heating hot presses and indirectly heated sinter presses.

Available for products in sizes ranging from 10mm to 400mm in diameter. Our machines operate in inert gases, vacuum, or hydrogen.

  • Hot Pressing: Dia 240mm, 30MPa, inert gases, vac, H2
  • Hot Pressing: Dia 120mm, 30MPa, inert gases, vac, H2
  • FAST/SPS: Dia 400mm, 30MPa, inert gases, vac
  • Inductive Hot Pressing: Dia 35mm, 80MPa, inert gases, vac
  • RSP: rapid sinter press, Dia 25mm, 300MPa, air

cycle times from 30 seconds to days.

Sinter HIPing

Gas pressure sintering or sinter HIP to further densify parts

Powder Technology Services

RHP Powder Technology Services

Conventional Hot Pressing

4000 Cycles and still standing strong.

Inductive Hot Pressing

Rapid densification and identification of relevant sintering parameters.

Rapid Hot Pressing SPS/FAST

Spark Plasma Sintering and rapid sinter pressing are very rapid densifaction technologies.