Novel Process Developments

Carrying out technological developments and process optimization for processing new materials and material combinations


International team with an interdisciplinary training background and many years of knowledge about technologies for processing powder materials (powder injection molding with plastic, ceramic, and metallic materials (PIM / CIM / MIM); thin-film processes such as ARC, sputtering, HIPIMS, EBEAM, hot pressing, and sintering)

Up-to-date and diverse machinery for material, sputtering, and process technology development: hot and cold press systems, sintering, annealing and debinding furnaces, machining, wire and spark erosion, powder injection molding (PIM), spark plasma sintering system (PLC)

Glovebox, compounder, and grinding and mixing systems for the production of tailor-made powder formulations

Test and inspection equipment for the characterization and quality inspection of initial samples, prototypes, and series components (EDX, scanning electron microscope SEM)

Comprehensive material database for the screening of suitable materials, processes and properties 3D construction software

Quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015

Numerous partnerships and development networks in the field of powder technology


Analysis of customer requirements with regard to process and plant technology in the industrial processing of powder materials

Development and improvement of hot pressing and sintering processes to shorten production times and increase process stability and product quality

Carrying out process developments on a laboratory scale and on production lines to optimize process parameters and material properties

Carrying out production tests and evaluating process parameters for cost-effective processing of customer-specific materials and material systems

Rapid screening of possible solution scenarios for process innovations based on broad experience and knowledge databases in the field of powder technology

Creation of feasibility studies and decision-making aids for process developments based on them


magnetically detectable ceramic material - glow plugs - 2K brake plugs - targets

magnetically detectable ceramic material) - glow plugs - 2K brake plugs - targets

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Sputter Targets

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