High-tech series components

Realize economically and production-technically optimized series components for high-tech applications based on powder-technical manufacturing processes


International team with an interdisciplinary training background and many years of experience with research and product development processes in high-tech industries. Scientific knowledge of powder materials and their processing technologies for realizing special functional properties.

Extensive material database for the screening of suitable materials, processes and properties. Many years of know-how in the design and manufacture of high-performance components. Up-to-date and diverse machinery for the industrial manufacture of high-performance components: hot and cold pressing systems, sintering, annealing and debinding furnaces, machining, wire and spark erosion, powder injection molding machines (PIM), spark plasma sintering system (PLC)

Glovebox, compounder, and grinding and mixing systems for the production of tailor-made powder formulations

Test and inspection equipment for the characterization and quality inspection of initial samples, prototypes, and series components (energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), scanning electron microscope (REM))

3D design software

Quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015

Numerous partnerships and development networks in the field of powder technology


Analyze customer requirements and define material and process-related parameters, perform material analysis and reverse engineering approaches

Rapid screening of possible solution scenarios based on a broad background of experience and shortening of development times through the goal-oriented use of knowledge databases and educated guess methods. Design of functional and production-technical well-thought-out component concepts

Cost-effective and quick implementation of functional models

Design of cost-effective combinations of material and manufacturing process for the production of high-performance parts, manufacture of different batch sizes from single part production to series production using powder technology (powder injection molding, hot pressing, sintering, 3D printing) and downstream finishing processes (heat and surface treatment, ...)

Laying out molds for powder injection molding. Processing oxygen-sensitive materials and powders

Execute and document customer-specific quality inspection regulations

Use of research funding to support development


Ceramic brackets - thumbscrews - stents - tungsten crowns

Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

UHTCs Materials for specific high temperature application are typically selected based on the …

Micro Injection Moulding

Complex shaped metal and ceramic parts in small and large series.