Services for 3D printing and AM

You need thermal treatments for your additive manufactured parts? Stress relieve or quenching of your 3D printed samples?

We also offer debinding of green parts and sintering for technologies like FFF, MEAM, SDS, STL, and many more.

For various materials like 316L or similar we frequently have sintering runs, where we can include your individual 3D printed or AM parts.

Additive Technologies

Additive manufacturing at RHP is 3D printing with plasma metal deposition or FFF FDM technology, …

Filament3Dp Project

3D-Druck in Metall „vom Feinsten“

Filament printing

for Metals, Hardmetals and Ceramics

Granules printing

This technology is extruding feedstock pellets as a feeding material to print green parts.

Debind & Sinter

This is the first step after 3D printing the contour or desired part to remove the polymer or wax …