Additive Manufacturing


Availability: Desired materials are usually available quickly. Special alloys can be manufactured or even newly developed by RHP

Price: In conventional construction, a large part of the material often lands as chips in the garbage. This ratio is dramatically reduced by AM. The low processing effort further reduces costs.

New design: AM allows design that is not feasible with conventional manufacturing.

RHP-Technology has several AM systems for additive manufacturing of large metal components available. We attach great importance to large structures and metallurgical quality.

A machine for a component size of two meters, a turn-tilt table, and a robot system for complex components are available.

In order to be able to process oxygen-sensitive materials, such as titanium, several systems are equipped with protective gas boxes.


  • Plasma Metal Deposition (PMD) 3 machines, turn-tilt table (3 or 5-axis simultaneous),
  • PMD Robotic Systems (WAAM)
  • Size up to 2 meters
  • Component heating
  • hermetic inert gas box


Titanium alloys (Ti, Ti6Al4V, special alloys), superalloys (Inconel, Hastelloy - attention: brand name), Invar36, Steels (316L, 17-4PH, ...), aluminum, magnesium

Additive Manufacturing

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Continued Education

Education "addmanu knowledge" leads to certified AM experts

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