Inductive Hot Pressing

Inductive hot pressing is a consolidation method which can be seen as an alternative approach to direct hot pressing. With this process high heating rates – compared to direct hot pressing – can be realized.

Besides hot pressing, this technology can also be used for rapid sintering experiments (without applying mechanical pressure) as well as for first screening tests (small samples, 10 - 20 mm) if expensive raw materials are used.

Typical Process Parameters

Heating rate 100 - 200 K/min
Cooling rate 100 K/min
Max. temperature 2000 °C
Mech. pressure 30-50 MPa
Atmospheres Vac, Ar, N2, forming gas
Typical cycle < 1 hr

Rapid Hot Pressing SPS/FAST

Spark Plasma Sintering and rapid sinter pressing are very rapid densifaction technologies.

Conventional Hot Pressing

4000 Cycles and still standing strong.

Amorphous Metals

Metallic glasses belong to a new class of intelligent materials.