Surface Engineering

Paints, Coatings, Customized Surfaces

We offer expertise in several fields of surface engineering.

We develop customized paints and coatings for indoor and outdoor applications. We also perform corona treatments as well as a broad range of tests to characterize coatings and surfaces.

we use physical-chemical and wet chemical techniques

Technology and Equipment
Also in the field of lacquer and coating technology we develop equipment for laboratory use or industrial applications e.g. sputter coaters, thermo-mixers, spray coating units or reactors for coating of pigments.

Corona treatment (also referred to as ‘plasma surface treatment’) is a surface modification technique with diverse applications. For instance, it may be used to reduce the surface hydrophobicity of plastics, paper and textiles or render foils less gas-permeable.

Nano-composite Lacquers

By addition of nanoparticles the mechanical properties of e.g. lacquers (hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion profile) can be improved without compromising color, brilliance or translucency.


•sputter coating

•thermal flash evaporation

•monolayer self-assembly

•wet chemical deposition

•spin coating

•spray coating

•dip coating

•nano coating


Antibacterial Coatings

Photo-catalytic (TiO2, WO3,…) or chemo-active (Ag & Cu) antibacterial coatings prevent or at least suppress colonization by microorganisms.

Surface Functionalization

dip-coating or drop-casting with slurries, spray coating and ultrasonic spray coating as well as …


RHP material analysis LAB

Lacquer Systems

Lacquer Systems, ATTOPHOTONICS Nano-Composite Lacquers