About RHP

Materials. Perfectly. Tuned. since 1994

In October 2010 RHP-Technology GmbH was formed as a spin-off from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology by the initiative of DI Dr. Erich Neubauer, DI Michael Kitzmantel, Ing. Gottfried Kladler and Dr. Christian Kitzmantel.

Since then the company was transforming from a 4-person research group in hot pressing to a worldwide known company in innovative powder technologies and smart material developments. Today RHP headquarter is based in Seibersdorf, Austria and a second base at the TFZ Wiener Neustadt, the nationwide Austrian center for innovative materials, space related products and advanced manufacturing. For satellite and newspace products a destinctive site in Hof am Leithaberge is operated. RHP is active in more than 100 customer and research projects, with its international team of 50 scientists and engineers, strongly committed to innovations and beyond state-of-the-art.

The brand RHP

includes the companies RHP-Technology GmbH, AT Space GmbH and Attophotonics Biosciences GmbH. The team of all three entities builds a huge pool of knowledge and experience in the field of novel materials and processes, available for your solutions.

RHP Technology focuses on powder technology and novel material compositions
RHP Attophotonics has its base in smart surfaces, nano technologies and sensors
RHP Space offers satellite components and newspace products

Topics like particle & material synthesis, additive manufacturing, research & development are interlinked within the whole team.

Partner References

Andrea Kurz

RHP is our partner for space and non-space technology requests. We value the team’s agility and commitment in recognizing, pursuing and implementing commercially promising innovation. The transfer of RHP’s space technology to other industry sectors is part of this successful strategy.

Dr. Andrea Kurz

ESA Technology Broker,

ESA Technology Broker, 
Isabel Montealegre-Melendez

We have been working with RHP for more than 10 years. In addition to scientific cooperation and regular guest stays in Seibersdorf, we are particularly pleased to be able to send our students to RHP for practical work as part of their degree. As a university, we have exciting fields of application that we would like to supplement with in-depth scientific aspects.

Prof. Dr. Isabel Montealegre-Melendez

University of Seville

University of Seville
Thomas Hauser

RHP is a stroke of luck.

For 7 years I was developing the black noble alloy NIELLIUM. We walked the last few meters together as part of a 9-month feasibility study.

Fresh and happy at work. Committed, competent, reliable and solution-oriented, we quickly found a common language.

It’s a pleasure to work with scientists. Especially with those I got to know at RHP-Technology, with this nice train to the gate.

Thank you!

Thomas Hauser

Eva Pérez Soriano

This company deserves all my recognition and admiration.

RHP-Technology is an outstanding company that deserves unparalleled recognition for its scientific production. Their professionalism and seriousness are a fact, evident in each of their projects and research endeavors. Moreover, RHP-Technology offers many research opportunities, showcasing their commitment to advancing knowledge. Their facilities are top-notch, providing scientists and collaborators with an environment conducive to innovation. However, what truly stands out about RHP-Technology is their warm hospitality, always welcoming me with open arms and a genuine interest in mutual growth in the research field.

Dr. Eva Pérez Soriano

University of Seville

University of Seville