Niellium Rings


A handful of metals, including precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver unite in Niellium to an exceptional, because consistently black noble alloy, which does not change in the air, and which, uncoated or surface-treated, is unique in its mystical blackness.

For a long time, hardly anyone had been able to forge this extremely appealing yet infinitely capricious material into a piece of jewelry. ATELIER ALLURE has developed and refined various elaborate processing techniques through years of research, so that the black metal could finally be tamed, shaped, hammered and processed to its full splendor.

Black stands for the absence of all colors and thus for the absence of light. But the eye is sun-kissed, and the pure blackness can never see it.

Therefore, we perceive blackness as the darkest possible gray, and in this sense, the mysterious matter stands as a metaphor for the search for something that is there, but never tangible.

The jewelery system, which traditionally gives the light and its refractions and reflections the main role, is Niellium as a magnificent antithesis, because now takes the shadow his right. He is allowed to unfold his magic and pull the viewer into his depths. As Tanizaki Jun'ichiro praises in "Praise of the Shadow," his famous analysis of Japanese aesthetics, "the beauty inherent in the shadow."