Conductive Ceramics

Machining of technical ceramics

is usually a very time consuming and costly process. For various applications, we develop ceramic systems that have a certain electrical conductivity and are therefore suitable for e.g. wire cutting or EDM machining.

The same technology can also be used for sputtering targets, e.g. to improve the sputtering behavior and to allow these ceramics to be sputtered in the metallic mode DC instead of using RF.

Material Hacking

The fastest way to performance!

Material Tuning

For tuning properties of materials according to our customer needs, we use the modular powder …

Precision Machining

Final machining for AM parts, in mechanical engineering, in jewelry and many more.

Sputter Targets

Our state-of-the-art sputtertargets. Please ask for customized solutions.

Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

UHTCs Materials for specific high temperature application are typically selected based on the …