Additive Manufacturing

RHP fields of Additive Manufacturing:

Market-leading and on-the-edge science and development. In Additive Manufacturing we are offering two different technologies we are world class in:

PMD – Plasma Metal Deposition

For XXL parts produced in near-net shape by a CAD-CAM welding process we are actually working on qualifying for space and aeronautic part fabrication.

MEAM – Material Extrusion AM

For micro-sized parts from metals and/or ceramics. In case of filament usage, this also means it's very cost efficient!

Other technologies:

In collaborations we also work on powderbed laser systems, stereolithography systems and other printing technologies.

Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing

Applications Showroom

Ti64 Bauteil - Spiegel/Sensor Halterung ATHENA Projekt

PMD Plasma Metal Deposition

overview on our Metal printing systems