Tiger Metals

Why jewelry?

In addition to technical materials, we also engage in the further development of decorative materials. Our products are used in rings, watches, accessories, and much more.

Especially in the jewelry and watch industry, apart from the aesthetics, properties of the product such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, machinability, and the use of precious metals are important.

Our clientele includes large luxury labels, watch manufacturers, and goldsmiths as well as private ring bearers who value individuality and unique materials.

How is it done?

  • First, powders are mixed and prepared for processing. Then the patterns are sorted by hand.
  • The ring composites are heated up to 1,000° C and sintered within seconds.
  • The finished blanks are reworked by hand and shaped in the precision milling machine.
  • The surface is finished, the rings are cleaned, quality-tested, provided with an individual number, and packed.

We have developed very special materials for our TigerMetals. For example, we use the Titanium that is otherwise utilized in aerospace or in medical technology, or special anti-tarnish silver, which is used in high-tech optics, laser systems, and mirrors, because it does not start!


Tiger Metals are available in many different variants and material variations.

The special value is the precious metal or the material used for your individual piece of jewelry.

As a starting point, simple ring variants, e.g. made of titanium and silver, are available at only a few hundred euros. We also like to customize elaborate artworks with diamonds according to your needs and wishes.