Small Series Production

Small quantities in powder injection molding?

The process itself is designed for metal and ceramic numbers of at least 1000 pieces or more than a million pieces. For various applications, however, smaller quantities of 100 or 500 pieces may be quite interesting and economical.

By using master tools, the initial investment costs for many molds can be kept relatively low. First test samples can be produced quickly.

Usually we do not use aluminum molds, nowadays machining steel no longer poses a significant cost difference. We try to keep the complexity of the shape low in the beginning. Automation is typically justified only from several thousand pieces.

  • fast
  • reliable
  • cost-effective
  • process already suitable for series production

Development of a new product

As with small series, we can quickly begin initial product development with the help of existing parent tools and produce initial test patterns with greater manual effort. However, we recommend switching to semi-automatic or automated forms relatively soon when considering quantities of 1000 pcs or more.

Many materials are available from stock. If desired, we can also develop and produce in-house feedstock mixes. This can be meaningful for the processing of components with high aspect ratios, complex flow contours, thin and long foothills, or similar.

  • small series as a precursor to series
  • rapid implementation with master tools
  • materials and feedstocks off the shelf
  • own feedstock mixtures

Debind & Sinter

This is the first step after 3D printing the contour or desired part to remove the polymer or wax …

Sinter HIPing

Gas pressure sintering or sinter HIP to further densify parts