Lacquer Systems

We work with various lacquer systems, among them

• two part epoxy coatings

• baking finishes

• ORCOMER coatings

• transparent conducting layers

• UV-coatings

• polyaniline and polypyrrole coatings ...

By blending with additives – e.g. polymers, waxes, nanoparticle dispersions – the lacquers are adapted in order to meet our customers’ demands. The processibility of the modified lacquers is tested and optimized on in house printing lines and lacquering facilities (see also Lab Equipment).

A variety of instruments and standardized methods are employed to characterize mechanical and optical properties.

Nano-Composite Laquers

By addition of nanoparticles the mechanical properties of e.g. lacquers (hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion profile) can be improved without compromising color, brilliance or translucency.