Amorphous Metals

Another smart class of materials is growing in applications: amorphous metals, also called metallic glasses. Brand names like Liquid Metal® and others are getting known in the community.

Applications e.g. in:

  • medicine
  • consumer electronics
  • material finishing
  • jewelry
  • sports and leisure
  • aerospace
  • military

Conventional metals typically contract suddenly when solidifying. Since solidification as a glass is not a phase transition in the physical sense, this volume jump does not take place here. If the melt of a metallic glass fills a shape, it will keep this shape when it solidifies. It's a behavior known for example from polymers where it offers a great advantage in processing (e.g. injection molding). The greatest hopes for the future importance of amorphous metals are placed in this property.

Metallic Glasses

Metallic glasses show the typical metallic light reflection. Untrained eyes can't distinguish them …