Norica Godja

DI Norica Godja

Area Manager Smart Surfaces
02255 20600 - 410

Norica Godja has proven experience in streamlining processes, providing needs-based solutions and efficiently achieving desired results. She has deep knowledge in material science disciplines such as surface technology, corrosion and surface protection. Norica is adept at project management to establish and maintain productive relationships. Long-term partnerships with companies, scientific institutions and national/international funding agencies are close to her heart. She successfully researches and develops new technologies for Austrian and European industry.

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Thomas Schalkhammer

Univ. Doz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Schalkhammer

founder & lead researcher

Professional Certificates: Mag. rer. nat. / Dr. rer. nat.

Habilitation Assoc. Prof. (Biochemistry) - University of Vienna / AT
Professorship o.Univ. Prof. (Analytical Biotechnology) - TU-Delft / NL


Surface biochemistry and its application in new bioanalytical devicesBiochemistryImmobilized enzymes and DNA, biochemical screening on microarrays, chemical and genetic engineering of proteins, up-scaling of enzymatic reactions up to m3;, immobilized antibodies and DNA genetic engineering of antibodies via phage display techniques

Synthesis of modified polymers up to m3; high throughput synthesis of peptides, synthesis of large macromolecular rings and artificial lipidsBioanalysisImmobilized enzymes, antibodies and DNA and their application in new biomedical devices based on optical- and electro-transducers, Biosensors, ELISA, RIA, HPLC, GC, IR, Counter, electrochemical analysis, Surface enhanced techniques, fluorescence, quantum islands, SEF, metal nano clusters, laser, fiberoptic devices and single molecule detection

Thin Film Technology: CVD, sputter coating, e-beam evap., photo resist & mask technology,...
Biophysics: STM, AFM, patch-clamp, BLM, LB, supported biomembranes, ion channels
Programming: Phyton 3, Delphi from 7.0 to Delphi 2015, Pascal, Visual Studio C++, C#, VB and Assembler, ESP32, ESP8xxx, Raspberry, Arduino, ZeusNT-Realtime-Software and Control-package 1988-2021,…
Electronics: Development of technical and analytical instruments with ESP, Arduino, PC based data acquisition systems, circuit design, board setup and production, system development

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