Nano-Scale High Performance Metals

ECAP - Equal Channel Angular Pressing

The special ECAP process technology leads to ultra-fine grained materials and enables the optimization of material properties and the production of innovative materials.

  • Increased strength and hardness
  • Increased scratch resistance and product life time
  • For high-performance components and miniaturization

High-strength pure metals and alloys without changing the composition

ECAP facility

Development and application of innovative and validatable process technologies (e.g. for the production of ultra-fine-grained metallic biomaterials)

The materials become stronger and harder, more resistant to scratches and more homogeneous, while retaining good ductility. Theyd can also be further processed and shaped. The chemical composition and all associated properties are preserved. The various process parameters result in a wide range of adjustable material properties.

High-performance materials for medical applications

In the field of implant materials, we can support you with years of expertise in the areas of material selection, processing, implant and study design in cooperation with doctors, medical universities and clinics as well as established implant manufacturers and start-ups.

For permanent medical implants, materials with excellent biocompatibility and tailored properties in terms of strength, hardness, processability, long service life and high comfort for the patient are crucial.

New types of absorbable metallic materials for temporary implants require in addition a controlled degradation rate in the body. In future, such biomaterials will be used primarily in osteosynthesis systems and in the vascular environment and offer the great advantage that they are absorbed by the body as soon as they have fulfilled their purpose. A further surgery to remove the implant is not necessary.

Application-oriented identification of suitable biomaterials and process technologies

ECAP-processed metals optimize the properties of permanent and temporary implants, increase load-bearing capacity and enable miniaturization.

Magnesium alloys selected on the basis of their degradation rate can be improved in terms of mechanical properties and adapted to the area of application.

The characterization of mechanical properties such as hardness, compressive, tensile and fatigue strength can be carried out in our laboratories. We also offer special test setups for analyzing the degradation and corrosion behavior of temporary metallic implant materials and prototypes. This can also be investigated in simulated body fluid with additional static or dynamic mechanical loading.

Medical implants from ECAP magnesium

High-performance precious metals

We offer precious metals with improved mechanical properties without changing the chemical composition, purity or color.

  • increased scratch resistance of 24-carat gold
  • increased strength with simultaneously improved tarnish resistance of silver alloys
  • exceptional hardness of 18-carat gold alloys through a combination of different hardening mechanisms

High-performance technical metals

Nano-scale ECAP materials are suitable for many applications that require high mechanical strength from pure metals or alloys.

The optimized materials lead to longer service lives and enable the miniaturization of components.

The chemical composition and all associated properties are not changed. The materials exhibit excellent homogeneity and can be further processed and shaped.

R&D projects in the field of severe plastic deformation

RHP's experienced and dedicated employees make us your reliable partner in a wide range of research and development projects. In the field of forming technology and severe plastic deformation, we can offer you process development tailored to your alloy and various test series for customized material properties. In addition to the mechanical properties, we also focus on functional properties.

In addition, we can also provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience in other processes of severe plastic deformation.

Material Development

New materials are the beating heart of RHP. We love to play with ideas and smart solutions.


RHP material analysis LAB

Upscaling for Mass production

Many products call for high volumes of several million pieces per year, we know how to scale-up!

Acquisition of R&D Funding

Targeted acquisition of funding to minimize the risk of innovative research and development tasks

Novel Process Developments

Durchführen von Technologieentwicklungen und Prozessoptimierungen zur Verarbeitung neuartiger …